2014 Motive Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge

The Motive DVD Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge is held every year at Cootamundra Airport in rural NSW. It is an invite only event for the quickest performance import street cars in Australia to battle  it out on a street surface. We first attended in 2013, but the event gets bigger and quicker every year, so we had to step things up for 2014!



For the 2014 event we took along our two shop cars, our 8-second Evolution IX and our Nissan R35 GT-R. The Evo was ready to rock, but the GT-R was stock a few weeks out, so we quickly installed a fuel system upgrade and got the car on E85 so we had some extra power for the event.

GTR Engine

It might look stock but it is now packing 530 horsepower at the wheels! more than 100 over factory. A fuel system upgrade and and a re-programmed ECU is all it takes. We took it easy on the launch control, running 11.49, but the 127 miles per hour means a high 10 is there for the taking.


Our Evo was the quickest 4-cylinder outright with a 9.151@154 miles per hour!

XKLR8 Racing 1


Michael Collins’ Evo VIII MR packs 800 horsepower!  And even crazier is he drives it every day. HIs best time was a 10.874@140 miles per hour.

ITRIPS1Jason DiBitetto’s Evo VII packs 600 horsepower!


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