Usually our clients go through stages before understanding they want more power. This may feel like the cheaper option initially, however, it ends up being more expensive as parts are selected for the right amount of hp required at each stage, and not all parts will carry over into the next stage. Choosing which stage you want up front may cost more to begin with, but will be cheaper in the long run if you have the hunger for horsepower.

PR550 2


Want some extra mid range and top end power but don’t want to change any of the parts Nissan installed? No problem. We can supply, install and tune a COBB Access Port to give your GT-R an average gain of 60kW at the wheels! All from software and tuning alone. No one will be the wiser, your wife, your service manager or your competition.




Take your stock GT-R and turn it into the street and track animal that it was designed to be. From 370 wheel horsepower to 550 wheel horsepower , plus a huge extra punch of mid range power and torque, the PR550 package totally transforms your R35 GT-R. The best bang for buck upgrade pack includes the following:

  • Cobb Accessport with TCM
  • Cobb Big SF Ait Intake Kit
  • Stainless steep dump pipes
  • Titanium twin 3″ into 3.5″ complete exhaust system
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050X injectors
  • 2x high flow fuel pumps
  • Custom dyno tune on E85 (Extra map options available)

PRICE: $11,800+GST


Take your GT-R from PR550 package to the PR8 package, which although looks like a tame street package, turns your R35 into a crazy factory beast with 800 horsepower at all four wheels. 9-second quarter mile passes at almost 150mph is the result, and more than enough for those who have “normal” expectations of what a fast street car is. Package includes:

  • PR8 short engine upgrade (extra options available)
  • Sheptrans 1K transmission
  • PR8/T1 breather kit
  • PR8 turbo kit
  • PR12/T1 fuel rail kit and fuel pressure regulator



Bored of 550 or even 800 wheel horsepower? Take your GT-R from mild to wild, with high 8-second passes with the PR10 kit. Upgrade over PR550 kit includes:

  • PR12 long engine upgrade
  • Sheptrans 1K transmission
  • PR10/T1 breather kit
  • PR10 turbo kit
  • Pr12 intercooler kit
  • PR12/T1 fuel rail kit and fuel pressure regulator
  • Triple in-tank fuel pump system with extra feed line. AN fittings


(From PR550-PR10)

PR10 fuel pump upgrade additional $350

PR10 injector dynamics upgrade additional $1250

PR 12

By this stage your a competitive person or someone who loves the G-Forces of a mid to low 8-second car. For our PR12 package and up it also comes with a Drag package as an optional extra which has additional parts that will be required to run a great time at the dragstrip, but not required for street and circuit cars. If we had our way, we cud include the drag package on all builds, but this gives the customer the chance to choose their driving style and budget. PR 12 kit includes additional to PR550

  • PR12 long edge upgrade
  • Sheptrans 1K transmission
  • PR12X/T1 breather kit
  • PR12 turbo kit
  • PR12 intercooler kit
  • PR12/T1 fuel rail kit
  • Triple in-tank fuel pump system with extra feed line. AN Fittings.


(from PR550-PR12)

PR12 fuel pump upgrade additional $350

PR8injector dynamics upgrade additional $1250


Now we’re talking business! Whilst not easy, this package is about as far as you want to take a street car, whilst still retaining a stock like appearance engine bay. Keeping the authorities off your back, and your opponents none the wiser. 1600+ wheel horsepower and low 8 second passes at over 175mph have been proven by our own R35 demo car, all while remaining perfectly street drivable.

This package does not include anything from the PR550 package, so the cost is the same weather you work up or start from scratch. It also must use the Drag package to complete the kit, which includes:

  • PR20 Mechanical fuel pump kit and lines
  • PR20 undercarriage surge tank
  • PR20 long engine
  • Shaptrans Stage 5 transmission with PR20 extras
  • PR16X/T1 breather kit
  • PR16 turbo kit
  • PR16 intercooler kit
  • PR12/T1 fuel rail kit
  • Boost Logic 12-injector inlet manifold
  • 6 x Injector Dynamics ID1700X injectors
  • 6 x Injectors Dynamics ID1300X injectors



17″ wheel package: $20,000+GST

15″ wheel package: $25,000+GST

  • Rear drag wheels and tyres
  • Suspension upgrade
  • Driveshaft upgrade
  • MoTeC M1 ECU package
  • Installation and tuning
  • Smaller brakes on 15″ package

17-inch wheel package

15-inch wheel package